Inbound Medical

Record Indexing

Excel Solutions, Inc (ESI) specializes in

indexing your inbound documents into your EHR.

ESI indexes documents that arrive at your medical sites via fax, mail, email, or are presented by patients at time of visit into your EHR. We ensure your staff and providers have the PHI they need for point of care services by eliminating unfiled and missing documents, which can lead to scheduling delays and gaps in patient care.

We provide a customizable approach to indexing by following your filing preferences. Our skilled team holds many years of experience and will efficiently adapt to the processes and protocols of your healthcare organization.

Our services will reduce document indexing costs, improve indexing accuracy and turnaround time. In addition, we enable you to free-up your front-end staff at your medical practice(s), hospital, or clinic facilities to perform patient-centric, and revenue driven tasks as opposed to utilizing a large amount of their time indexing scanned documentation and entering discreet data.

ESI will sign a service level agreement guaranteeing we perform our services at the highest standard.

ESI provides detailed reporting and dashboards to our clients. Our reports include turnaround time, accuracy rates, and additional document processing metrics. This allows our clients to have full transparency and oversight of our performance. We believe transparency creates TRUST, and we believe TRUST is integral to a strong relationship.

Our Workflow

Step 1: Image Capture
(Scan / Fax / Email / Electronic Storage)

Your site staff or external sources electronically provide the documents to be filed without the need to separate or label any records prior to scanning. Allow ESI to do the rest. It really is that easy!

Step 2: Indexing of Documents

ESI identifies the patient, document type, encounter and any additional patient identifiers required to index the documents directly into your EHR or document management software. Additional workflow steps such as document routing/tasking, order completion, and discreet clinical data entry can be performed as well upon request.

Step 3: Quality Assurance

The ESI audit team performs validation of indexed documents filed to ensure a maintained accuracy rate of 99.9%. Audits include verifying the documents are filed appropriately by patient, document type, service date and any additional workflow steps performed.

Step 4: Commit

After audit, ESI commits the indexed medical records into your EHR.