Preoperative Chart Completion

What We Do

Excel Solutions performs the tedious task of collecting, assembling, and completing your preoperative chart prior to surgery.

Excel Solutions callers efficiently collect missing pre-surgical documents.

Problems We Solve

Excel Solutions eliminates the
problem of incomplete preoperative
charts on the day of surgery

Excel Solutions prevents expensive
OR Downtime due to missing
preoperative medical records

Excel Solutions enables your staff to
concentrate on value-added/revenue
producing activities

The Process

Collect pre-surgical documents from physicians’ offices that are necessary to complete the pre-surgical patient medical chart

Preventing delays/cancellations in OR cases prevents significant revenue loss to hospitals by decreasing expensive OR downtime. One of the best ways to prevent these costly delays is to manage patient information flow in a more efficient, cost-effective manner. We allow hospitals to concentrate their energies on other aspects of OR efficiency as we manage the tedious task of preoperative cart completion.


As surgeon-in-chief of a large academic medical center in New York City, efficiently managing over 25,000 surgical procedures in 33 operating rooms across 3 separate venues was a major challenge - and having all of the correct documents in the right place at the right time to ensure an on-time start was near impossible. After partnering with Excel Solutions, missing paperwork is no longer a reason for a case to be delayed. The Excel staff worked seamlessly with our IT department to design a web-based solution that has worked flawlessly, all within HIPAA guidelines, and has reduced delays due to missing documents to nearly zero. Considering the high cost of OR time, minimizing paperwork delays has been a very cost-effective engagement.

Steven HSurgeon-in-Chief